Dimethyl sulfoxide has been used in the medical field since the middle 20th century, it’s an alternative treatment, that helps as a pain killer, reduces inflammation, protect cells and tissues, reduces the pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle strains. DMSO also has the capacity to transport significant natural weapons into the cells without negative side effects.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide was discovered by Dr. Alexander Zaizeff in Russia, 1866 as a very potent anti inflammatory with analgesic properties. Eventually, Dr. Stanley Jacob and Dr. Herschiller in 1966 discovered the broad therapeutic spectrum of DMSO. Among them is its role as a chelating agent as well as a catalyst of the entry of compounds across the blood brain barrier.

It is also a very potent transporter. It has the ability to carry important biologic natural weapons into the cell without altering the integrity of the cellular membranes with no side-effects.

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