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BioMagnetic Therapy is an approach to healing that differs from conventional medicine, herbs and naturopathy. It is free of side effects and perfectly compatible with any other conventional or alternative practice. The magnets that are used are not connected to any electrical machine.

Using the biomagnetism technique, a set of magnets (one positive polarity and one negative polarity) is applied to the selected area where a condition has been identified. The magnets encourage a neutral pH state, reducing the breeding and growth of pathogens; helping to remove them.

Can been used when concerned with conditions such as:


· Allergies 

· Anemia

· Asthma 

· Lyme disease 

· Acné 

· Psoriasis 

· Migraines 

· Diabetes 

· Chronic Fatigue   

· Alzheimer’s 

· Gastritis 

· Reflux 

· Ulcerative colitis 

· Cancer 

· Arthritis 

· Rheumatism 

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