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His professional experience in treating cardiovascular, cancer, degenerative, gastrointestinal diseases, among other conditions, has placed him amongst the most recognized doctors in the alternative and integrative medical field.


Dr. James philosophy and advanced techniques, has resulted in a hundredth of patients, referring him as a healing and excellent doctor.

Ricardo James M.D.


"Each patient is unique and should be treated in a unique way".  Dr. James.

Dr. Ricardo O. James has over 35 years of experience in the alternative and integrative medical field. He began as a conventional Doctor but his growing interest in alternative treatments led him in the following years, to join the field with two of the most widely known and respected pioneers, Dr. Harold Manner and Dr. Ray Evers, known as the father of the chelation therapy.

Dr. James philosophy explains that "health is not just the absence of disease, but it’s a state of well being physically, mentally and spiritually". This is why he treats his patients with the best available natural treatments , in order to strengthen the body by improving its immune system and to avoid the harmful side effects of heavy medications He always focuses on fixing the root of the disease rather than just treating its symptoms. One of the most important things about him is his constant follow up of the patients. This gives his patient reassurance that Dr. James and his medical staff will follow the well being of the patient through the years.


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