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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment.

When your blood carries this extra oxygen throughout your body, this helps fight bacteria and stimulates the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.

In a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, the air pressure is increased two to three times higher than normal air pressure.

Under these conditions, your lungs can gather much more oxygen than would be possible breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used to treat several medical conditions:

  • Brain abscess

  • Burns

  • Crushing injury

  • Exceptional blood loss anemia

  • Infection of skin or bone that causes tissue death

  • Non-healing wounds, such as a diabetic foot ulcer

  • Radiation injury

  • Skin graft or skin flap at risk of tissue death

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Vision loss, sudden and painless

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