Colon Therapy

There is some information that you must know about the function of your colon. At The Good Samaritan M.O. We are aware of the negative impact in the life of many patients, as a result of health problems in the intestines. The colon, along with the skin and kidneys, is a major organ for eliminating bodily waste. The healthy function of the colon is essential for good digestion and proper absorption of nutrients.


If bowel movements are not consistent, waste products are not consistent, waste products and toxins are not eliminated in a regular manner, and your health can be compromised. Colon therapy uses a series of colonic water flushes to clean and detoxify the lower intestine and aids the re-construction of intestinal flora. Also, nutritional, colon therapy is performed to improve the integrity of the colon. We offer Colon Treatments with holistic and integrative medical techniques.