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Welcome to our clinic!

The Good Samaritan Medical Center has over 35 years of experience treating patients from all around. Located just 5 minutes away from El Paso, Texas. U.S in the area of Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Our clinic is fully staffed with licensed physicians and trained staff to provide you with the best and most competent care.

In our facilities, you will find a pleasant environment just like home and a special combination of holistic & conventional therapies. We treat in a natural-holistic way and always avoiding aggressive therapies and looking for solutions and providing the best quality and quantity of life.

Dr. James makes sure to listen to all his patients. Then with a complete physical examination and with laboratory tests, always make sure to avoid unnecessary tests to save money and time for our patients, and finally, we establish the best treatments for our patients.

Dr. James treats the patient as if he was the patient and, in this way, you will receive what it is best for you. The patient is not just a number, but a person who deserves the best medical care.


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This combination of professional services and high-quality care, creates the harmonious atmosphere which distinguishes us. At The Good Samaritan Medical Center, you will receive the treatments with love and care.

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