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New researched published in the journal Cell Metabolism showed that people who ate a diet of processed food consumed more calories and gained weigh compared to those who consumed a diet of unprocessed foods. The processed food diet included foods like breakfast cereals, muffins, white bread, low fat yogurts, low-fat potato chips, processed meats, fruit juices, and diet drinks. This diet was shown to cause an increase in hunger hormones and caused subjects to consume more calories than the diet of unprocessed foods, which included fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, chicken, fish, beef, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

The researchers wrote, ultra-processed foods, now constitute most calories consumed in America and have been associated with a variety of poor health outcomes, including death.

Alternatively, eating a natural foods diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and lean meat an reduce depression symptoms.

When a food is processed, such as processing brown rice to make white rice, many essential nutrients and fibers are lost for properly digesting the grain. Blood sugar spikes more rapidly because the fibers that slow down the release of sugar into the blood stream have been removed and most vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals present in the outer portion of brown rice are lost.

Now we are being subjected to more environmental chemicals than ever before. The rate at which we consume highly processed foods continues to climb and eating genetically engineered foods has become commonplace. This environment is changing the way our genes are being expressed, causing damage to our guts, creating chronic inflammation, and contributing to a rise in food and environmental allergies like we have never seen before.

Good choices are the key to maintain good health in body and mind.

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