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Thomas first came to the clinic in 2014.

The Story:

Previously diagnosed with bladder cancer. A general evaluation is performed, presenting with hernaturia, weakness and depression. He offers cystectomy (bladder removal), chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the United States, rejects it and comes to the good samaritan medical center.

Treatment included: 21 Days of IV Solutions, Alternative treatments (Ozone, Electrostatic), DMSO.

In July 2019 he returned to reinforce. He is currently 64 years old and in good health and with an excellent attitude.

Watch his great testimony here: (5 Minutes)

At the Good Samaritan Medical Center, specific supplements will be added to your diet to improve the overall health of your body.

With Holistic and Integrative Medical Approach, you will find a better way to fight and gain your health back.

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