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Hello my name is Isaac Friesen from Ontario Canada, I was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer in 2009. I went to see a doctor here in Canada and he wanted to do a biopsy, but I refused to do that. I heard about Dr James so I decided to give him a call and he told me not to do a biopsy and recommended coming to his clinic, the Good Samaritan clinic.

Isaac Friessen - Ontario Canada

I decided to go there right then immediately than he immediately started to cure my cancer ,we were at the clinic for 28 days

It turned out great, I was cancer free and 11 years later I am still cancer free and going great. In addition to that, I always used to catch the cold in the winter, and after the cure I have never catch the cold again

I am still super happy , that when I came there I felt loved by everyone. Good food, good service, nice and clean place they treat you like family with lots of love and respect. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor and staff , I went back a couple of times for a checkup everything was still good , I recommend everyone to go there, there is hope and help we can’t thank you in of Dr James From Isaac Friesen God bless you all greetings to everyone at the clinic.

At the Good Samaritan Medical Center, specific supplements will be added to your diet to improve the overall health of your body.

With Holistic and Integrative Medical Approach, you will find a better way to fight and gain your health back.

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☎️ SAN ANTONIO, TX.: (956)223-9646

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