What our Patients Say About Us

At The Good Samaritan Medical Center, we do every day our best for the welfare and comfort of our patients. They get the indicated medical treatments, the best care, delicious and healthy food according to their needs, recreation areas, and especially an atmosphere of healing, hope and conviviality.

Testimony of David Brodrick from Austin Texas

I had testicular cancer. We are from Austin, Texas. In 2017 surgery took care of the large tumor growing on one of my testicles. After the surgery, I focused on changing my diet, getting more exercise. We also moved to a more peaceful environment. However, the cancer metastasized to my lymph nodes, and by January 2019, I was in much pain, as the large tumors were blocking the urinary passages from the kidneys to my bladder. I thought I had kidney stones, and discovered at the local Urgent Care (a CT scan) that my lymph nodes were abnormally enlarged. I was ready to stop trying my own natural protocols to overcome cancer. So I began researching Mexican clinics. I discovered the Good Samaritan Medical Center through Dr. Frank Cousineau, who wrote a book about the Mexican Cancer Clinics in Tijuana. Dr. Cousineau told us about Dr. James in Juarez, just over the border from El Paso, Texas. We were impressed with Dr. James’ qualifications, how he keeps up to date with the latest alternative / complementary cancer research, and how he interacts directly with his patients, working to help find the best treatments possible for each patient. We decided to go to the Good Samaritan Medical Center for the following reasons:

  1. We were very interested in natural treatments that were not as easily accessible in the United States.

  2. We were paying cash for my cancer treatments, and found that chemotherapy often costs considerably less in Mexico than in the USA.

  3. We could bring our whole family to the medical center, and stay together as a family.

  4. It was close enough for us to drive there in one day.

  5. We could eat prepared meals right there at the medical center

We were treated very well at the Good Samaritan Medical Center. All the nurses and staff make sure that you are comfortable, that you are getting your meals, and ask about how you are doing. They gave us a room to stay in right there at the Clinic, and there was a playground for our small children.

The first week I was treated with natural treatments, including B-17 IVs, Vitamin IVs, DMSO IVs, three kinds of Ozone treatments, Beam Ray, HBO (Oxygen Chamber), Foot Detox baths, medicinal supplements, electrostatic therapy, etc. I believe that the natural treatments helped me tremendously in boosting my immune system, and in making the cancer vulnerable to chemotherapy.

After a few days of natural treatments, Dr. James said that for my particular cancer, we should look seriously at doing chemotherapy, because for testicular cancer, there is a 90% chance of success using chemotherapy. Dr. James helped us get an appointment with the oncologist Dr. Magaña at the local private hospital. He helped us get the right prescription for the correct chemotherapy, and I could get it administered to me intravenously at Good Samaritan Center. I believe that it may have been possible to have been cured though natural treatments alone, but I think the road to recovery would have likely been much longer, and that the chance of success would not have been as high. Dr. James said that the treatment plan he gave me is what he would have given his own son, or himself, should they have had the same cancer.

I started chemotherapy the second week I was at Good Samaritan Medical Center. Intravenous chemotherapy was Monday – Friday. Each session lasted between 6-10 hours. Then I got two weeks to go home and rest until the next Chemo round. I took 3 rounds (three weeks) of chemo in total.

During our 4th trip to Good Samaritan Medical Center, Dr. James helped us get the right prescription for a PET scan at an Imaging Center across the border in El Paso. We took the CD of the PET Scan to Dr. Magaña who confirmed that all the cancer in my lymph nodes was completely gone!

When we were at the clinic, most of the patients were Mennonite and Amish. We enjoyed visiting with them, learning about their way of life, playing games with them, and singing along with them during their Sunday Hymn sessions. Our children enjoyed their children. We felt very safe at Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Dr. James is running an excellent medical business. Many people we talked to were finding solutions to their health problems. We talked to some folks there who were treated for lung cancer, and other people with different cancers who were treated at Good Samaritan, and got better. The personal interactions were wonderful, and gave me hope.

I want to thank the following nurses and staff for their individual care:

  • Dr. Daniel – he helped us get to Dr. Magaña’s appointment, and helped clarify questions

  • Rudy – he always is ready to ask you how you are doing, and help you in any way possible

  • Angel – he often shared a joke or something to make you smile

  • Judith – she administered the chemotherapy and helped me feel comfortable during the difficult long hours.

  • Jorge – he was really great with getting the needle just right for the IV’s, and helped me to stay calm even though I have a difficult time with needles.

  • Alexandra – she could speak great English and was very helpful with Ozone treatments.

  • Ruben – he drove me to get a new pair of glasses when I lost mine, and took me to get X rays.

  • The Kitchen Team – for being flexible with my diet. They got organic food specially for me, and allowed me to make some of my own meals too. They also made special smoothies for me.

All the other nurses and staff, thank you all very much. Every one of you were wonderful. Thank you Dr. James and for your staff!